• 15th Sub Junior National Soft Tennis Championship at J & K in the Month of August 2021.
  • 16th Junior National Soft Tennis Championship at Punjab in the Month of October 2021.
  • 1st South Asian Soft Tennis Championship at Ahmedabad in the month of December 2021.
  • 2nd India International Soft Tennis Championship at Ahmedabad in the month of December 2021.
  • 18th Senior National Soft Tennis Championship at Bhubaneswar, Odisha in the month of January, 2022.

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About Us
At the end of the 19th century, tennis was introduced to Japan by a western missionary, and was later modified for the Asian physique. A special racquet and ball were developed and the game became known as Soft Tennis. In 1973, the International Soft Tennis Federation was established, with the first world championships following in 1975. Since then, the championships have been held every four years, with players from almost 65 countries taking part

Soft Tennis was introduced to the Asian Games programme as an exhibition sport in the 11th Asian Games in Beijing in 1990 and subsequently became an official sport during the 12th Asian Games in Hiroshima, Japan in 1994 has been in the Asian Games programme ever since. Indian Soft Tennis Teams will participate in 16th Asian Games 2010 at China in 2010.

We then contacted Mr. Nishimura, Secretary General, International Soft Tennis Federation for affiliation for which the for membership with International Soft Tennis Federation & Asian Soft Tennis Federation.

We need your co-operation to develop this game in India by organizing coaching camps & followed by National level tournament in different parts of India.

Soft Tennis was introduced to India since 2002 and that over seven years ago. ASTFI affiliated with International Soft Tennis Federation, Japan & Asian Soft Tennis Federation, Japan and also recognized by Ministry of Youth, Affairs & Sports, Govt. of India, New Delhi & Indian Olympic Association (IOA). ASTFI already 23 State/UT associations are affiliated.

J. K. Khodadhra
Secretary Genera
Amateur Soft Tennis Federation of India (ASTFI)

MYAS, Govt. of India
Indian Olympic Association (IOA)
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